Meta Tags; Say What?

Meta Keywords
You cannot get high ranking with meta tags.

What is the fascination with the Keyword Meta Tag? In November of 2008 I wrote a blog about Meta Tags. I figured by now, clients would have stopped asking for “Keywords” or “Meta Tags”, or at least for the reason’s that they do. I find that people ask me about meta tags solely for the purpose of ranking high on Google. For some reason, perhaps just lingering rumor, folks think that meta tags help rankings, this is not the case. Let me restate that, “You cannot get high ranking with meta tags”. The primary reason for this is that Google doesn’t care about it. Even Google told us that in September of 2009. Here is a video from Matt Cutts of Google, you can see the proof for yourself. Continue reading “Meta Tags; Say What?”

So Much for the Field of Dreams – Red Sox Implosion and Your Website

Field of Dreams?
If you build it, they will not come! Remember that!

Look…you cannot count on your hands and feet (because you don’t have enough) how many times I tell people that you cannot just put up a website and expect traffic to show up. So what does that have to do with the Boston Red Sox and their EPIC Implosion during the 2011 Baseball Season? A ton! First, the Red Sox have the third highest payroll in the major leagues in 2011, behind only the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Red Sox spent 160 Million Dollars this year on their payroll! I think if you ask them, even their front office of Larry, John, and Theo, they would tell you that no matter how much you pay someone, that person still needs to perform. I couldn’t agree more. Even Theo tells everyone here that they did this to themselves. Continue reading “So Much for the Field of Dreams – Red Sox Implosion and Your Website”

Fords Hometown Services Chooses CMWD for Website Maintenance

Ford's Hometown ServicesFord’s Hometown Services, a Worcester Massachusetts Pest Control Company has chosen Central Mass Web Design to manage, maintain and update their website on a weekly basis, including blogging and Social Media services.

Ford’s Hometown Services is in the Pest Management and Turf Care business and they find that it’s quite helpful to have a website maintenance company working with them to maintain their website on a continuous basis.

Continue reading “Fords Hometown Services Chooses CMWD for Website Maintenance”

Website Maintenance Mistakes

Are you maintaining your website correct?When you set out to maintain your website, it’s very important for you to look through the eyes of your customer and understand what they see.  Sometimes it is as simple as the customer wanting to buy a clock, but you are trying to tell them how to build the clock.

Jacob Nielsen, is a profound web design and website maintenance expert.  He has numerous patents in regards to web based applications, services and ideas and is well known in our industry.  Occasionally, he will issue a Top 10 List for Web Design or Website Maintenance Mistakes. Continue reading “Website Maintenance Mistakes”

Website Maintenance Services for Vietnam Veterans 907

Vietnam Veterans 907 Website Maintenance ServicesThe Vietnam Veterans Chapter 907 has chosen Central Mass Web Design to maintain their website.  The Veterans took advantage of our Website Maintenance Program to deliver on time and on budget changes and updates to their website.  When companies and non-profit organizations need stability for their website, they Continue reading “Website Maintenance Services for Vietnam Veterans 907”